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My sister recently bought a historic landmark, the Boutell-Hathorn House, also once known as Wheelgate Farm. It was built in 1737 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. There is a brief article on it here.

With my sister always wanting to own a farm and have a horse, and her husband being a history teacher, this is just the perfect place for them to live! Its a good thing she and her husband aren’t very tall  though, the ceilings are so low I’m not sure my husband would comfortable fit lol! But it’s very charming and I finally got the grand tour, which included their 4-seater outhouse, yes outhouse 🙂

They have renovated the barn to accommodate her horse and another horse, as well as a tack room. There is a hayloft and even a 3rd story that used to house chickens. Crazy, but all really cool.

inside barn from hay loft

3rd floor in barn

hay loft

There were some interesting things in there, for sure. During some renovations, they found a cobbler’s table and an old shoe. Also in the shed connected to the barn was some old slaughtering equipment and the signature of someone carved into a wall.

Wall in shed

Slaughter Equipment

Overall really fun (even though I woke up one night to strange noises and had a nightmare that there were ghosts in my bedroom…) and they have already done so much to the house and yard, I can’t wait to see what else they do with it!