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Bartram House Bakery pastries

If you have had an in-person ordering session with me in the past several months, you have most likely been treated to a goodie from this place. Just because I LOVE it. Bartram House Bakery has the most amazing breakfast, lunch and dessert as well as cakes. I can’t even  begin to describe them or I would never stop haha! So I figured I’d treat you to a little peace of bakery heaven. And I swear I am not being paid to do this, it’s my gift to you to celebrate a fantastic year of amazing clients!

These are just a couple images from their website gallery. So who’s hungry? I think I’ll be making another trip now 🙂

To win this gift card, you must leave a comment on this post by May 31, 2013 and you must be in the area (there is one in McMurray and one in Wexford). This is too good to be sent away!