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cousins and grandparents together for family photos at Ogelby Resort by #Pittsburgh #Childphotograoher

Families grow and spread out and eventually it gets difficult to all get together. Kids have activities, parents have another baby or whatever other life event gets thrown into the mix. This family is spread out from Indiana to Florida, but planned a vacation near Pittsburgh to be all together. They asked me to come capture this for them, and I just couldn’t turn it down! I remember growing up in Massachusetts that my own cousins lived from Maine to Virginia to Florida and it was always so special and fun when we all got together! We have such great memories and love looking back on the photos our parents took.¬†Such a special time together and I was so excited to do this for them.

We lucked out so much with the weather, which I was a little nervous about. We had one day to do this, and it was in March. Us Pittsburghers know how wonderful March weather can be. But the day turned out to be sunny and over 70, so beautiful! The Magnolia trees were in full bloom and everything was just gorgeous (and we basically had the place to ourselves since it was still so early in the season). The kids , 7 kids ages 7 and under, were so well behaved and were great helpers. The older girls helped me take some photos of their parents and all the kids worked hard to make the adults give some real smiles and laughs. They also helped with their younger cousins. Just such great kids (and grown ups) and we had such a great time together!

cousins and siblings together for family photos at Ogelby Resort by #Pittsburgh #Childphotograoher

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