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Baby boy laying on a blanket during a newborn photo session

This handsome guy’s mom called me for a last minute newborn photo session and so, after taking a month or so off, I was just itching to get back into it. He was already 3 weeks old, which is generally past the squishy, sleepy newborn window, but we worked with it and got some fantastic photos. His eyes were just stunning, so his mom and I were actually quite pleased having all of the awake shots.

Baby boy laying on a blanket during a newborn photo session

Such a ham already 🙂 He did really well, especially being so alert! He let us pose him and completely played up the camera. Mama watch out!

Mom holds sleeping baby boy during a newborn photo session

Of course he needed some snuggle time too, as every baby does. I absolutely love catching these moments. And they all make me wish someone had caught them for me!

Baby boy wearing a hat lays in a basket during a newborn photo session

I couldn’t resist using their naturally stunning floors as a backdrop either. Photographers pay good money for backdrops that look this good haha! And lately it seems as though I have a request for this fabulous hat a lot (And for those mama’s with upcoming sessions, I ordered one in blue and one in purple as well!).

Congratulations again to this proud mama. You have a very handsome guy there 🙂