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Baby girl's beautiful newborn Photos by #Pittsburgh #NewbornPhotographer #babyphotos

This little beauty decided she would make the world wait for her arrival, but she was well worth it! She was a dream during her session and I was able to try out all sorts of new props and blankets with her 🙂 And look at her full head of hair, I love it!!

Parents are always so amazed at how quickly their baby changes just from the newborn session to their ordering session. It really does happen so fast, and those first weeks (or months) are such a blur!

Baby girl's beautiful newborn Photos by #Pittsburgh #NewbornPhotographer #babyphotos #moonprop

She even cracked a couple smiles for me. I just loved rocking and soothing her back to sleep, I could have done it all day (not sure how Mom would have felt about that, maybe she would have been relieved to go take a nap haha!)

Baby girl's beautiful newborn Photos by #Pittsburgh #NewbornPhotographer #babyphotos

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