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Extended family 4 generation photo session by Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This amazing family (all 30+ members!) travelled from all over the country to be together for Bill and Margaret’s 90th birthdays. I was so honored to capture these special moments where they were all together for the first time with all the great grandchildren!We captured the entire family, all the kids, the grandkids and the great grandkids, plus everyone in between 🙂 I had a cheat sheet with me to keep track of everyone haha.

Families pose during an extended family 4 generation photo session by Pittsburgh Family Photographer

I felt right at home with them all and had a blast with the kids. They were excellent helpers with each other and helping me, which was fantastic because 10 kids under the age of 5 is a little scary on paper. But once we got playing it was just kids having a good time (and not scary at all!)

Great grandkids play during an extended family photo session by Pittsburgh Family Photographer

And I can’t forget about the couple that started it all, some day I would hope to be even close to as happy and full of life as they are together. I just adore these images and really the whole family. Such a great experience!

Great grandparents receive a photo session with 4 generations of family by Pittsburgh Family Photographer

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