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This gorgeous family wanted to celebrate starting a  new chapter of their lives in their new home with a family photo session. Their son had a ton of ideas for photos he wanted to do and he definitely kept us entertained! Their dog also had to make an appearance in a bunch of the photos. Most of the leaves had fallen but I was thrilled to find these great pops of color all around. The overcast evening made the colors seem even more vivid.


I love how adventurous the kids were. When I found out that big sister loves to drive the tractor around, I knew we had to put her brother in the bucket 🙂 He was an awesome sport and ran with it! I was also super impresses to hear that everyone actually picked out their own outfits! I have photos of times when my mom let me pick my own outfit, I cringe every time I see them lol! The kids were great sports too about taking photos together, I could tell it wasn’t their favorite thing to do (as is with any siblings!) but they humored me. Such a great time and a beautiful family! I was so excited to help capture some new memories in their new home 🙂


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