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This little guy has hit the lottery with his family and he has no idea. All three of his older siblings are just so in love with him and you can really see how excited they are. His big sister is maybe just so excited to not be the youngest anymore haha, but she might be the most excited 🙂 All three of them couldn’t wait for their turn to hold him and give him some snuggles. And lets not forget Mom and Dad! Maybe because they are pros at this by now but they were so calm and laid back you would never know they just added another baby to the family! And just look how tiny and snuggly he is in his parent’s arms.


At not even 2 weeks old, he loved being curled up and his tiny legs just folded right up like he was still in the womb, it was so adorable. I just love his spiky hair and his tiny fingers and toes. Whether he was curled up in the fur-lined bucked or wrapped up on the blanket, he was just a happy sleepy baby. Though he didn’t mind being held either (and I was more than happy to help out with that!).


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