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photos of baby girl as a newborn and at 1 year old

Bring on the smash cake! This beautiful little girl came to visit for her first birthday photos, complete with a cake smash. Was it really a year ago already that we did her newborn photos? This little snow angle arrived all bundled up in her adorable puffy coat looking like the cutest marshmallow ever haha!

baby girl laughing during first birthday photos

She started out a little unsure (as any toddler does) but insert Mommy and Daddy flying her high in the air and she was all smiles! I just love incorporating object into newborn sessions and then carrying them through the first year (which is something I always try to do with my “First Year” plan babies). With little Avery, we were able to incorporate Dad’s guitar case in both her newborn session and this first birthday session so we can see how much she has grown!

And then the cake came out… She was very curious but also a bit cautious. No big smash here but she did get a couple hands (and feet) in there! Honestly though, I think I would have to side with her in thinking the cake was way too pretty to smash 🙂

cake smash first birthday photos

Happy 1st Birthday Avery!

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