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Baby's photos throughout her 1st year as part of the baby plan by Pittsburgh Newborn and child photographer

I have loved every session of Elliot’s baby plan. She is always just so happy and full of giggles! You can watch how she has grown from her newborn session, to her 4 month session, to her 8 month session and now 12 months. I have to admit, she reminds me a bit of my own little redhead (though not so red anymore) at that age and I think I may have taken to her more than I normally do. Some of the little things she does now are so similar to the things my own kids did that I never want to forget. And she just gets super excited about almost anything I did, which always makes me feel good lol!

1 year old photos for a baby girl in Pittsburgh PA

The best things to remember about our babies are the silliness, the lovies, how they love their bellies and their expressions. Those things change so quickly and I am always trying to document them (both for myself and clients).

We also incorporated some special items into her sessions. The blocks and the purple blanket (which was a huge hit playing peek-a-boo) made an appearance in both her newborn and 4 month sessions. The Purple beads were an heirloom from her Great-Grandmother. I always encourage using special items in sessions, both because it tells an awesome story and just makes the images that much more special. And this little girl is definitely special!

1 year old photos for a baby girl in Pittsburgh PABaby girl plays peek-a-boo during her 1 year photos in Pittsburgh PA

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