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I have never done a “staged” session, but Alina contacted me to take family photos and had a clear concept of what she wanted: a romantic, whimsical picnic. I loved the idea from the beginning and even more when I pulled up to their house and saw where we would be shooting! Such a perfect setting and gorgeous lighting (and a beautiful family too!). She put together an entire tray of the most perfect photo-worthy food and props and even had a real picnic basket and bright colorful flowers. Amazing.

To make it even more special, her mother was visiting for only the 2nd time in 11 years (due to the great distance away that she lives). Alina wanted to do a special series of just her and her mother, and I seriously got tears in my eyes going through these photos! Her mom made a flower wreath by hand and the whole moment was just beautiful.

The boys had a blast as well. I added my Dad’s old twin reflex camera to the props and they loved photographing me while I was photographing them haha!

This was such an amazing session and a great story to tell! They let me really dig into my creative side and I loved it. It made me think about possible doing some more staged sessions in the future 🙂