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So to everyone who tells me “Oh you must have so many great photos of your kids”, I laugh. I am in the process of trying to do Christmas photos of the kids…. well day 1 was pretty much a disaster. Got them all dressed up and onto my “set”. As usual, Braden got moody and Autumn just wanted to run towards the camera. My husband tried to help, but then all I get are some good shots that have his arms and bare feet in them lol. Or they are looking at him…standing across the room.

I have to give Braden credit though, he tried to be cute and hug Autumn, but that usually ends up as a choke hold and her crying, and then he gets all upset. And then they are both upset. Great for photos. Have a look:


The truth: photographing your kids is sooooooo much easier than photographing my own!

Which is great news for you.

This one was when I put my Elmo lens critter (made by my mom) on my camera. Autumn just wanted to grab it…

And this is when Autumn though it was just so funny to throw herself back against the backdrop (and her toy kitchen behind it!) repetitively….

I’m starting to be really glad I started this so early. Maybe I will get these cards out by New Years 🙂 But just to make everyone feel better (myself included), and to restore your faith in me as a photographer, here are a couple of the good ones. But I will be trying this again!