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Little Easton came to visit me at just 9 days old. He was my first newborn since coming back from my mentorship in Oregon with the very talented Julia Kelleher. While in Oregon, I worked to speed up my workflow and still get a ton of variety. This means parents spend less time sitting in the studio and more time snuggling their baby 🙂 I’m thrilled to say that we spent less than 2 hours and got a ton of amazing photos from this cutie. And also lots of smiles!

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This guy was just so snuggly and content. He loved having his hands by his face, well until he got to sprawl out on his back. He was just as happy as could be with his arms out!

It was so much fun to reconnect and catch up with his parents (I worked with his Mom in my last career as an architect). It was great to hear how they are doing and also hear about mutual friends and former coworkers as well. And it hit me again how I never saw myself on the path that I am on now, but I was reminded again how rewarding this new career is to be able to capture and freeze this tiny moment in time for such awesome people!

baby boyvpinimageV

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