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I first “met” little Emilio when he was still in his mama’s belly. They didn’t know that he was a “he” yet. But both Mom and Dad were radiant and so excited to meet their little baby. Their maternity session was gorgeous, we got images both inside the studio and outside against the most perfect sky.

This cutie has the most perfect little features, from his pouty lips to his eyelashes for days (why do the boys always get the amazing eyelashes??) and his tiny little fingers and toes. He was so peaceful as he slept in the baskets. He didn’t even care that he was being moved around, he just loved being snuggled in there!

2016_dantonio_nb-50_web_stompEmilio wanted to make sure to show us all how strong he was as well! Look at him holding himself up at barely 2 weeks old! But he soon tired himself out and fell asleep snuggled into both Mom and Dad. Looking at these photos now is making me want some baby snuggles!

Born into a large Italian family on both sides, he is sure to be getting a ton of love from everyone! I am excited to watch him grow as a part of my baby plan 🙂


Emilio already has a killer smile, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see it! He looks so peaceful and angelic cuddling the little teddy bear, doesn’t he? The bear fits in the palm of my hand but fits his tiny little self perfectly. I hear you saying “awwwwwwwww”. I’m saying it too 🙂


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