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Ever wonder what taking a photo of a toddler looks like from their perspective? Pretty much this 🙂 After getting the “real” shot, I whipped around to get everyone else in action. Awesome!

Family laughing to make toddler smile during fall photos in Pittsburgh PA

One of the best gifts you can give is something that can be looked back on and cherished for a lifetime. Photos of your family – old relationships (sibling rivalry), new beginnings (planning a wedding), new additions (the first grandchild) – mark an exciting milestone in a family’s story. That’s why I was so excited to photograph this family. After a few thunderstorms during the day clearing up to a warm, sunny beautiful evening.

Three sons and now a grandson, this Mom is amazing (and can still keep everyone in order)!

Extended Family Fall Photos | Pittsburgh Family PhotographerExtended Family Fall Photos | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

We had a blast chasing around the youngest member of the family, and making fools out of ourselves to make him laugh, but what’s a family gathering without that happening right? I love seeing a big family have so much fun together 🙂

Extended Family Fall Photos | Pittsburgh Family Photographer


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