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Doing this family portrait session, in addition to being a lot of fun, brought up so many funny circles. I met Mandie through an online mom group for (worldwide) moms who have babies born in July of 2011. Not long after that, we realized that our husbands went to the same med school when we randomly learned that we were attending the same convention with them last winter. So we met up and have been in touch ever since. To take it a step further, while I was editing the photos, my husband walked by and said (about Mandie’s brother, Matt) “I know that guy!”. Turns out that my husband, Matt and his wife all attended college together! Talk about a small world, and it all started in a random online forum!

mom gets kisses from her baby girl during a family photo session in Pittsburgh PA


Everyone, especially the kids, had so much fun during the family portrait session. The kids loved exploring through the many paths and clearings that are around the lake, and I was able to capture a lot of them just being themselves.

Brother and sister laugh during a family photo session in Pittsburgh PA


Big sister gives her little brother a piggy back during a family photo session in Pittsburgh PA


I had such a great time and I just love that our families are old and now new friends!