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On my third trip to Seattle, Washington, I was really able to boost my Seattle travel photography album. We had an amazing trip to Seattle for our friends’ wedding. I was very excited to get back there to re-photograph some landmarks and buildings that I had previously photographed. I knew I could now do better (since I only had a point and shoot last time) and was also on the lookout for new things to photograph. On my list was the Seattle Public Library, Experience Music Project, Pike Place Market and anything else along the way.

Since we were on East Coast time, we got up at 6 AM and caught a cab downtown. We got there so early that we beat the fish! The guys were still loading up the ice to put all the seafood out. We took a stroll around while we waited for the diner to open so we could eat. The florists were setting up and it smelled amazing! I wanted to take home so many of those flowers!

After breakfast, the market was waking up with more people. We walked all around the market and down to the waterfront. It was an overcast day with serious threat of rain. At first I was a bit disappointed but quickly realized that the sky made all of the colorful architecture really pop! My previous trips had both been in full sun so it was nice to get a different look in my photos.



We walked all over town, from the Space Needle down to the Columbia tower (in which the observation deck wasn’t open yet at 9:00!!) We took the monorail, which was pretty neat, and saved us a little bit of walking. I really wanted to get into the glass museum and gardens, but that didn’t open until 11:00! What is up with tourist attractions opening so late? Unfortunately it started pouring only a couple hours into our excursion. We considered going into the Science Center but again, it wasn’t open yet… so we decided just to head on back to the hotel and take a nap. After all, walking 8 miles before 11 AM isn’t too shabby…


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