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I am beyond excited to have finally decided on all of my new boutique packaging! For months I have been scouring the internet and craft stores to put together the “perfect” packaging. I really want to make sure that your experience with Kristin Merck Photography is personalized and makes you feel special, from your initial consultation, to your amazing photo session, to your personalized ordering session and through to receiving your beautiful photos and any of the premium products I offer to preserve your memories. I like to think of it as “unwrapping your memories”, as cheesy as that is 🙂  I want to spoil you, from beginning to the end. And really, who doesn’t love opening presents??? So, without further adieu, here is my new packaging!

All of your gift prints are wrapped with care…

And special “caring for your art” cards, my referral program info and other important information about your purchase…

And I think I am way too excited about these amazing stickers haha! Some for my general packaging and some for mailing. And they even came in these super cool tins! Oh, and a peek at my mailing packaging too 🙂

And presenting my new business cards… they are sooo amazing I almost don’t even want to give them out! I feel like they should be reserved for special people or something (which is of course all of you!). Seriously, these are the highest quality cards I’ve ever seen (and felt)!

Just another look at the whole package, and also my newest floor drop which I loooove 🙂

So as beautiful as this all looks in photos, I promise it is even better in person! Right now I kind of hope you’re thinking “Wow, if she cares this much about her packaging she must really care about the photos!” because that is 1000% true! I promise you that you will not get this treatment at Picture People or Target. So contact me to book your session today today and the full customized experience for yourself.