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Project 52 week 01-self

I decided this year to start Project 52, which is a 52 week project taking a photo (or more) each week. I sat down and created a list of themes for each week and then take photos to represent those themes every week. I am not 8 weeks into this and I am so glad I am doing it, it’s really pushing my creativity to interpret these themes in different ways and it forces me to take photos for ME. Don’t get me wrong, I love you all and I love photographing your families, but sometimes I need have something more personal to keep my creative juices flowing and stay on my toes.

Project 52 week 02-big03-QuietProject 52 week 04-yellowProject 52 week 05-Eyes06-ColdProject 52 week 07-Love

This week my theme was “textures”. I busted out my macro lens for these. I just love shooting with that lens, it really lets you get up close (like an inch away) and see things from a whole new prospective! Can anyone guess any of these?

Project 52 week 08-Textures

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