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How to hang Frame Clusters | Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer


After well over a year of trying to figure out what to put in our entry hall, I finally sat down and used my design software to put something up there (image below). I do the same for all of my clients, all I had to do was put up a piece of paper on the wall to get a scale reference and import it. Then I can put up canvas, custom framing or these, Organic Bloom frames, which have become a bit of an obsession with me (although I’m certainly not alone as a lot of my clients feel the same!). And starting in 2015 I will be offering these hand-made frames to anyone, clients or not!

PS please excuse my crappy cell pics haha, I didn’t think about posting this until I was done!

hall (2)-wmvpinimageV

After I found an arrangement I liked, I laid them on the floor to finalize it. I had wrapping paper on hand (which is actually a great tool for this) so I used that to create my template.


I traced them with a sharpie and then measured and marked where the holes should go. Super easy


Then I hung it on my wall (making sure the top frames hung level) and taped it up. All I had to do after that was put the nail where the mark was, rip the paper down and hang the photos. Might be one of the easiest things I’ve done in awhile, I promise.

IMG_7441-2-wmvpinimageVAnd just one more photo of the finished product 🙂 Want to learn more about these frames or how I can help you do this?

Contact me today to order frames or book your session!


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