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Adorable Baby Girl’s Newborn Photos | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

Baby girl does hands in chin pose during her newborn photosvpinimageV

Little Olivia’s mom called me about 6 months ago to book her newborn photos (I’m still so impressed with how on the ball she was!). I had been all stocked up on brand new baby girl props and had no little girls to use them on, so I was thrilled when I found out I would be photographing a little girl, only my 3rd girl this year (of 12 newborns). 

collage of newborn photos baby girl in Pittsburgh PAvpinimageV

Her session ended up being a two-day event as she was clearly uncomfortable during the second half of the first day and I had a feeling that after 4 hours, everyone was ready to call it a day. (Even though she did give me a big, dimply grin as the last photo that day). So I came back the next morning and I am SOOO glad I did. She rocked the session and everyone was happy 🙂

I just love incorporating personal items into these sessions as well. We used Dad’s guitar case and cowboy boots, which just add such a unique feel to the photos!

collage of newborn photos baby girl in Pittsburgh PAvpinimageV

Also, I would like to point out one very important thing. The top photo where Olivia has her head in her hands is a composite, made up of the two photos below. Please don’t EVER try to re-create this on your own (or any similar pose). Baby’s safety is my primary concern and I photoshop out a lot of parents in my photos and will not even attempt a pose like this unless a baby is completely sound asleep and not fidgeting 🙂

newborn photo composite shots of head in hands posevpinimageV

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