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Newborn baby boy sleeps during newborn photos in Pittsburgh PA

I have been waiting to take these adorable newborn boy photos for a long time. This cutie belongs to one of my best friends 🙂 We met while in college in Philadelphia when we played volleyball together. Fast forward a few years ( after we were both introduced to Pittsburgh guys through our other friend) and here we both are inPittsburgh, married to those same guys haha! There’s a lot more there but I won’t bore you with stories when I have such great photos to share!

Mom holds newborn baby boy during newborn photos in Pittsburgh PA

This little guy may have been my youngest yet, at only 5 days old. It never ceases to amaze me how little they are. But Mom and Dad were naturals, I would have sworn he wasn’t their first 🙂 And somehow she even got this little guy on a clockwork sleep schedule. Mad I wish she had the kids before me so she could teach me how to do that! Speaking of my kids though, I would definitely approve of my daughter dating him, he’s gonna be a looker! Ok he already is. And with Dad being a state trooper I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting into any trouble 🙂

Newborn baby boy sleeps in dad's state trooper hat during newborn photos in Pittsburgh PA

We also did some Christmas photos with a few adorable hats I received from Catily Crochet. (Her stuff is amazing, and you may even see a couple of my newborns on her Etsy site!) This little guy rocked this hat, he’s so cute! Congrats again Mom and Dad on your adorable little man. I cannot wait to see him grow (but please, not too fast!)

Newborn baby boy sleeps wearing a long hat during newborn Christmas photos in Pittsburgh PA