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Baby's photos throughout her 1st year as part of the baby plan by Pittsburgh Newborn and child photographerIts so hard to believe this little girl is already a year old! I have had the joy of photographing her from only a few days old throughout her whole first year. Always such a happy baby too! As a member of my Milestones Club,  I saw her as she was learning to hold herself up, as she was pulling herself up and setting and now learning to walk! It is so wonderful to get to know the whole family and watch siblings as they transition into new rolls as their new relationship grows and changes.

family celebrates baby's first birthday with photos

These girls were champs as we ran outside for a few minutes to get some shots, it was freezing! But you’d never know it looking at this gorgeous family. They snuggled in tight and we were back inside a couple minutes later all toasty 🙂

And then on to the cake smash! At first she was a little unsure but quickly found that yes, the frosting is really good! She was maybe the most dainty “smasher” I’ve seen though, just one finger. And as all cake smashes do, this one ended with her being held at arm’s length as she was taken straight to the tub!

Baby girl's cake smash photos in Pittsburgh PAInterested in documenting your child’s first year?  As a member of my Milestones Club, your child will receive many exclusive opportunities. My newborn clients have the option to join at a discounted rate. Contact me today to learn more about this special opportunity!

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