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Expecting mother poses for maternity photos in Pittsburgh PA

Boy or girl, what’s your guess? These soon-to-be parents are doing something that I could never do: not finding out the sex of their baby. I can understand how amazing it must be to have that surprise at the most exciting time in your life, and I wish I could have had the patience to not find out haha. But in this age of technology where you can find out from the DNA at around 12 weeks, I’m seeing more parents decide not to take advantage if it and just wait. I have a ton of respect for that and I am so excited to hear the good news and meet their little baby šŸ™‚

Each photo I took of thisĀ gorgeous Mama-to-be was my new favorite image. She was so wonderful and let me try out a few new ideas and propsĀ as well! We used theĀ studio sofa as a prop, she beautifully modeled a maternity gown (one of a few I have available for all clients) and then we took the session outside.Ā This was the first session I have done in the outdoor area at my studio and it was the most perfect evening! They braved the cicada shells in the tall grass to get some gorgeous images and the sky was so perfect (no it isn’t photoshopped at all)! Her orange dress looked fantastic against all of the green around them and with the colors in the sky.

I cannot pick a favorite image from this session and I would love to share them ALL but here are just a few of my favorites.

Expecting mother poses for maternity photos in Pittsburgh PA

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