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Sleeping baby girl posing wearing a flower headband for a newborn session in Pittsburgh PA

I recently did a newborn photo session for Amanda and her new baby girl, Natasha. It was a follow up to her maternity session back in June, which was so much fun. But, although Amanda totally rocked her maternity photos, she was much happier showcasing her babies than herself (and I can totally relate!)

Sweet mom posing with baby shoes on belly for maternity photo session in Pittsburgh PA

Amanda has obviously fallen right back into the swing of infant hood and  I could tell right away was thoroughly enjoying it.  Like most moms, she assured me that Natasha is such a great and sound sleeper and would sleep through the whole thing. Famous last words haha! Funny how your kids learn how to prove you wrong at such a young age! Fortunately, she wasn’t entirely wrong, and we got some great awake shots as well as fabulous sleeping shots. So mama was right after all (aren’t we always?) 🙂

Sleeping baby girl wearing a flower headband and pearls for a newborn session in Pittsburgh PA

Enough said, right? If i had to pick a photo that I though best described how I pictured Amanda’s new baby, this would be the one. Sassy, stylish and sweet. She slept soundly through 2 backdrop changes (plus being accessorized!) and then being put in a bucket haha! We had so much fun posing her and “dressing” her up.

Father holding his newborn baby girl during a newborn photo session in Pittsburgh PA

I am such a sucker for Daddy and baby photos, and Denny is such a great dad. I love watching him and big sis Talia interact and I am sure it will only get better as Tasha gets older. And speaking of interaction, Talia is such an awesome older sister. You can tell walking in the door just how much she adores her baby sister. Great family you have there, Amanda!