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Large 4 generation family poses in Mingo Park for family photos

I was contacted this summer to do family photos for 4 generations (20-something people)! Kayla even send me a family tree diagram (which I did my best to memorize but it did become a cheat sheet during the session haha). So we planned it out, watched the weather and kept our fingers crossed. Somehow, in the mix of bad weather, this day was warm(er) and sunny! I brought them to a different area of the park than I usually shoot, and it was just beautiful! The kids had a blast playing in the leaves, and with everything really 🙂 I had so much fun spending this time with them and seeing how close they are. And they got to see me singing and dancing to make the little guys laugh so I think we all won haha.

Kids play with their family during family photos in Mingo Park

I brought one of my Organic Bloom frames with me to do a generational photo for each of the families and I love how they turned out!

Kids play with their family during family photos in Mingo Park

And the most fun part of all was that this little guy will inherit his Grampa’s Nova when he turns 16 (oh my!) so they wanted to do photos incorporating that. He just loved it! And we may or may not have held up a little traffic getting those last couple shots, but I think it was totally worth it!

Grandfather takes his grandson to see the car he will inherit when he turns 16

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