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Baby boy plays with toys for his birthday photos in Pittsburgh PA

Ivan (or “Baby Ivan”, as my kids call him) came to visit to celebrate his first birthday. Cake smash photos are definitely some of my favorite, and even though Mom told me he wasn’t that into his real birthday cake, I was confident we could get him to have a good time with this 🙂 We warmed up with some toys and some Disney music and pretty soon he was having a great time exploring everything! I think he was especially amused with me and his mom making all sorts of faces and noises behind the camera (I always kind or wish I could see that…..kind of). He’s a very inquisitive kid already, and you can tell when he looks at you he’s trying to figure something out. And speaking of looking, how about his gorgeous eyes!

After some play time and some wrangling, we got him ready for the cake. A little hesitant at first, but once he got a taste he was all about it. I’d say he had a great time, I know I did!

Baby boy playing with his smash cake in Pittsburgh PA Baby boy with a face full of cake in Pittsburgh PA

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