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Grandparents and grandkids pose outside wearing white and khaki and black for a family portrait session in South Hills Pittsburgh PA

When my husband and I were house hunting for our move to Pittsburgh just over 6 years ago, it was our neighborhood that won me over before I even saw the house. Our neighbors are all fantastic, especially Bill and Mickey, who live behind us. There aren’t many days where one of their six kids and their kids aren’t visiting and playing in the yard. My own kids are now getting to the age where my oldest is starting to want to join in, so I am thrilled that he has so many playmates in his back yard!

When the family asked me about doing a large family portrait session, I was thrilled. Two grandparents, 6 kids and 16 grandkids. Most live locally, but one of the families lives in Minnesota, so the whole family is only together a couple times a year. I planned out shots and organized myself and then made the long treck through my back yard to their house for the shoot 🙂

I was greeted by total chaos (although it seemed somewhat organized), and I just had to laugh. I don’t come from a large family (just my sister and me), and my husband is the same, so this level of activity is foreign to me. But everyone got it all together and we got some great shots of not only the entire family, but breakouts of the siblings, all the grandkids and each individual family. And I have to say, after spending over a week staring at their faces and getting to know them through the photos, they are a very attractive family!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.