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Brothers and sisters' gorgeous photos at Mingo Creek Park

Imaging expanding your family from three to six in one shot. This family makes it look easy (and fun!) with a senior in high school and triplets in 7th grade. They legitimately all seemed to get along, something my sister and I probably couldn’t fake at their age lol. These kids had great ideas for their individual shots and also their group shots (like throwing the leaves) and we had a ton of fun. Maybe it helped break the ice when I tripped over no less than three giant branches in about 5 minutes….whatever works I guess!

Brother and sister's gorgeous photos at Mingo Creek ParkGorgeous family at #MingoCreek Park

As a parent now myself, I have realized your world becomes all about the kids. If I am lucky enough to get in a photo, it’s usually focused on the kids and my husband and I rarely get to be in one together. I love that these two wanted to make sure to get just them in a couple photos. (making a note to get a photo or two of myself and my husband now haha!).

And here is something that never gets old, making the leaves rain down! Good fall fun for all ages 🙂

Brothers and sisters' gorgeous photos at Mingo Creek Park

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