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Not Your Average Professional Headshot | Pittsburgh Portrait photographer

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A professional headshot is a very important way to present yourself. These days, with the digital online world so prominant, your photo is often the first (and maybe only) glimpse people get of you. Taking a “selfie” in your bathroom mirror is not going to get people to take you seriously in the professional business world. Many large companies have a photographer contracted to make sure that every staff member has a professional headshot taken to keep a consistent look across the company.

But sometimes those corporate head shots can get monotonous. I’ve been on both ends of the camera for those lol. As a treat for reading this, here is mine from around 2004, I am pretty sure I borrowed that jacket from someone for the photo  🙂


So when my family had photos taken last fall, I asked the photographer (thank you Tracy of Villa Montarti) to take a couple head shots for me to use for my business (and those are the ones you see on my Facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn/Twitter accounts and here on my website). I love them because they are professional head shots, but not your everyday ” Ok sit in front of this backdrop, tilt your head…. a little more… ok big smile! *CLICK*” portrait.

A couple weeks ago I had asked Lea from my CPA’s office (huge plug to Franty & Company, they are awesome!) to help me learn Quickbooks better. She commented that she liked my headshot and it got me thinking, why not mix my lifestyle photography with professional portraits? I am so in love with how her photos came out, especially the one at the top of this post. She looks like a big-time CEO 🙂 It took just over 1/2 hour (and that was because I just wanted to keep trying “one more thing” haha) and we got a great variety of gorgeous images.

So I encourage everyone to spruce up your professional portraits. Use it as an excuse for a new outfit or hair ‘do. Not only will your professional presence thank you, but it’s nice to have flattering photos of yourself too! (Trust me, I love getting my photo taken as much as you do, which is probably not much at all, which is why I love taking photos lol!) If you want some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to professional, fun portraits (and check out my other inspiration boards while you’re there!)

Peters Lake ParkvpinimageV

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