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little boy plays outside during photo session in Pittsburgh PA

I absolutely love capturing sweet moments of little kids with their mom in photos. This little guy gave us plenty of those moments in between running around tirelessly. A lover of trains, trucks and pretending to spot Captain Hook and his ship, Thomas kept us all on our toes and laughing throughout the session. We started outinside racing cars, building train tracks to make the train derail from and mixed in a bunch of snuggles from Mom.

We couldn’t keep him inside much longer, so out we went to run around. Thomas completely opened up as he ran around with Mom and his uncle with me trying to keep up. We looked for pirates, played football, enjoyed some lovely meals (composed of leaves and dirt, yum!) through the playhouse window and then ran around some more. Despite it being in the 40’s he was not stopping haha! Really made us all want spring even more (as I stare at it snowing outside my window)!

little boy plays during photo session in Pittsburgh PA

If you would love to capture precious moments with your little one(s), contact me today to secure a spot in my “Mommy and Me” mini sessions!

little boy plays outside with his mom during photo session in Pittsburgh PA


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