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Sunset Gray's Beach Cape Cod

I recently made the trip with my kids back to the Cape to visit my parents and friends. I spent a few days psyching myself up to make the trek alone with a 2-yr old and a newly 1-yr old. I drove to the airport, parked in maybe one of the furthest spots possible, and hiked to the terminal pushing a double stroller (loaded with the kids and carry on bags) and pulling my suitcase. What a long and hot walk! But I made it, checked my bag and off to security I went. I have to give a great thanks to the old TSA guy who came up to me in the long line and told me I could go over to the employee line! Also the people in line behind me were awesome helping get both kids out of the stroller, all my crap on the belt and all back in the stroller. Made it! So I meander around the terminal and eventually headed over it to our gate. Well who do I run into but a friend who I have known literally since she was born (a month after I was). We grew up together (with our sisters who are only a day apart in age) but I hadn’t seen her since around high school! Turns out she was at a conference in Pittsburgh and heading back home to Boston. Sooooo awesome! So we caught up and she was a huge help getting on and off the plane. I can’t say enough actually about all of the incredibly helpful people, from TSA to Alamo employees to complete strangers!

Well a few hours after arriving in Boston, (and a good nap in the car by the kids) we arrived at my parents house. I always just take in a deep relaxing breath when I cross the bridge to the Cape. Its like suddenly everything slows down a bit. We certainly packed in a lot during our short trip though! The kids got a fun gift from Mimi and spent a ton of time crawling through this tunnel!



We took Braden to the intersection right by my parents’ house to see the train go by (oh he is so obsessed with trains!) He had such a blast.



We walked to the beach a couple times. Man do I love doing that… such a luxury that I took for granted as a kid! This is Millway Beach at mid tide. At low tide you need to walk almost 1/4 mile to get to knee deep water haha. I’m not kidding. Braden had a great time with my sister.



We celebrated Autumn’s birthday (again!). Braden had a playmate and all we could hear was squeals and laughs as they chased each other around and rolled down the hill in our back yard. Fantastic!



My mom made Autumn an amazing lemon cake, and had a few trimmings left to make a mini “smash cake” for her.



Braden had fun helping her eat it  🙂



And my dad was nice enough to take a (partial) family photo, since I never get any photos of me and the kids!



And then my dad and I headed out to catch a sunset at the boardwalk at Gray’s Beach. I would have loved to get to a few other places, but time just didn’t allow for that. Next time!



And my dad got a great shot of Barnstable Harbor while I was packing to head back to Pittsburgh



Great trip, I could have stayed longer. Here are some more of my favorite shots from the trip!