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Research shows that girls' self-esteem drops dramatically around age 12. By age 17, 78% dislike how they look.⁠ ⁠

Boys between the ages of 12 to 17 pass through an intense period of insecurity and are very sensitive about their image while struggling to find their place in the world around them.

What if we could help prevent this before it starts?⁠ ⁠

Studies have shown that displaying portraits of our children in our home greatly boosts their self esteem. One study found a 37% boost in their self-confidence after just a few weeks!

As a mother, we want our kids to be happy, confident and empowered to do whatever they put their mind to trying.With all of the bullying going on in our schools and the internet, it is more important than ever to lay a solid foundation in building their self-confidence.

"My favorite moment during the session was seeing her genuine smile, and she loved getting her hair and makeup done. I would definitely recommend this portrait session to other parents!"

- Melanie

Tween portraits in a living room

beTWEEN Portrait Sessions

This Project is very personal to me. As a tween, I experienced a couple awful years filled with teasing and so-called friends telling me they "never actually liked me anyways". (I still clearly remember that moment from 6th grade)

I am now raising two tweens/tweens of my own, and I would HATE to see them lose their confidence because of bullying or any reason. They are perfect as they are and I want them to see that for themselves.

And so this project was born to help not just my own kids, but as many as I can, to see themselves as we do: Incredible!

My goal is to photograph your tween (ages 8-12) showing off their favorite activities, from sports to drawing, cooking or just dressing up and looking amazing!

Each portrait session is custom-designed with your child, and together we will bring their vision to life and make them shine!

And every session includes a custom wall portrait for your child to hang up and see every day to remind them how amazing they are.

"I felt proud during my photoshoot, and I couldn't wait to see them!"

- Maggie

Tween portrait in elegant living room

"This photoshoot absolutely helped build up my daughter's self-esteem!"

- Laura

Tween portraits by Kristin Merck

Where do I start?

It starts with a simple phone call where we talk about how we can best showcase your tween. From there, we schedule your consultation with you and your tween to start designing their dream session, including styling, props/activities, hair and makeup and how you want to display their images.

The first 23 tweens to sign up (23 for 2023) will be invited to a special gallery event at the completion of the series!

"I was very excited about taking photos. I felt happy and confident during my photoshoot, my favorite part was taking sports photos with my karate uniform on. I was so excited to see them!"

- Gianna

tween portraits by kristin merck in casual living room

Seize the moment.

Let’s talk about your story and how we’ll create the perfect portrait.

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