Twice a year I teach workshops through PPA (Professional Photographers of America). These will be very small groups (typically up to 5-7 people) held at my studio in Upper St. Clair. To register, simply click on the "REGISTER" button and you can scroll to the class or search for them.

You do NOT have to be a PPA member to attend!
(But if you are a PPA member working towards a degree, you will receive 1 education/service merit for attending)

Private Classes

If you don't want to wait, or if the specific workshop dates don't work with your schedule, I also offer private classes (for you or a small group of friends). Here we can cover anything from how to use your camera to taking photos of your kids to organizing and doing light edits. These can be done at my studio or in your home. If you are interested in setting this up or learning more, get in touch!

Kristin Merck photographing a young dancer.
how to use your camera beginner photography class

Photography Jumpstart

May 16, 2024

Break out your camera and learn how to use it! We will cover the basics of exposure, lens choice, shooting modes, and more. Then see how I upload, ORGANIZE, cull, and do basic adjustments to my photos to prepare them for printing. Then we will go over how and where to print your photos and the many different options available. This class is for beginners who have a DSLR and are hesitant to use it, and anyone looking to stop shooting in auto mode. I will be demonstrating my culling and editing process in Adobe Lightroom. If you don’t have Lightroom, you can download a free trial before the class or just watch on the big screen.