New Studio for Kristin Merck Photography

I took a risk in January and decided to make a bold move for my studio. Even though the potential was huge, there were so many unanswered questions that I had to grapple with. But, I had faith that things would pan out as I hoped and made the leap into the unknown.

When I first walked through the door of my new studio, I was immediately enamoured with its potential. Double the size of my previous space, it featured bare concrete floors and open ceilings, along with an abundance of huge windows and ground-level access. Perfect for parents lugging around strollers, small children, and bags, as well as grandparents who may need extra assistance. Knowing that this could be something special, I dusted off my architectural skills and spent over a month researching and designing the ideal space. Taking ideas from other studios and interviewing photographers to get their insight, I thought carefully about the types of sessions I do (and want to do) while brainstorming ways to make my clients feel most at home in their surroundings.

It’s been quite the journey since I took that leap over 9 months ago. The road wasn’t always smooth – we had get the building properly zoned for a photography studio, which was a 4-5 month process, not to mention all the other issues that come with new construction. Many times I thought something was complete and ready to roll, only to have to take a step back and do it all over again. But now, after all the hard work and dedication, I’m happily settled in with just a few finishing touches left!

Just some of the new things that will benefit my clients include:

  • Ground floor location – no more lugging bags, strollers/carriers and children up a flight of stairs!
  • A newborn photo room (a room where I have everything I need for photographing your newborns all in one place, plus a smaller room so I can keep them warmer and quiet even with older siblings in the studio)
  • A larger studio space: no more waiting while I have to keep taking down and setting up backdrops, I can now have multiple setups!
  • More closet space for my client wardrobe – means more selection for my clients to choose from
  • Larger sitting room – more space for my clients to stretch out and relax while getting ready to be photographed
  • STILL a fantastic location! I am not even a 1/4 mile from my previous location, so I am still very close to both Rt 19 and 79 in USC just over the S. Fayette, Canonsburg and Peters boarders.

I am so thrilled to start this new adventure, and I cannot wait for you all to experience it along with me! And I invite all of you to join me celebrate at my open house on October 19!