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I am absolutely delighted to share that I am 1 of just 17 photographers that have been given the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Couture Child Magazine and a renowned couture dress company. This partnership will allow me to photograph tweens adorning five unique, one-of-a-kind couture dresses - a true embodiment of luxury and personalization.

But here's where it gets even more exciting! Five lucky girls will be chosen to grace the pages of Couture Child Magazine, elevating their self-esteem and making them feel truly special.

Imagine a photo shoot filled with pampering where each tween becomes the star. Stepping into a unique couture dress of their choice, seeing themselves transformed with professional hair and makeup, and taking their place in front of the camera. It's a transformative journey that fosters self-esteem and celebrates their unique individuality.
It's not merely a photoshoot; it's an unforgettable, immersive experience that invests in their self-confidence, resilience, and self-acceptance. My goal is to not only make each tween feel amazing during the portrait session but also take that confidence into everyday life.

Available 7 days ONLY!

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So, What's Included?

Each tween will be photographed in up to two dresses of their choosing. Select from the dresses above (ranging from size 8-16) as well as have professionally styled hair and makeup.

Up to FIVE girls will be selected to be featured in Child Couture Magazine!**

Take advantage of this opportunity to include mom and/or siblings in a few portraits. Whether they choose from my carefully curated studio closet or bring their own outfits.

Each tween will receive their favorite image as a 12x18" wall portrait. In addition, you will be gifted with an elegant 8x10 print of a second beloved image, a keepsake for you to treasure or share as a thoughtful gift.

And if you wish to indulge further, I offer the opportunity to acquire additional images, each meticulously crafted into a fine art masterpiece.

** Although any dress may be chosen, only dresses shown above are eligible to be featured in Child Couture Magazine.

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Tween Dream is ONLY available November 1st - 7th!

Check your school schedule for days off!

Peters off Nov 2 & 3
USC off Nov 1 & 7
Canon-Mac off Nov 7th
Bethel Park 1/2 day Nov 1, off Nov 7
Mt. Lebanon off Nov 7
Washington off Nov 1, 2 & 3
Chartiers off Nov 1 & 2

Tween Dream Sessions regularly priced at $1290

Special Event pricing $790

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Create a Masterpiece

But wouldn't it be wonderful to take this experience a step further?

I invite you to join me in creating a dreamlike setting where your child is the star. Imagine working together to design a unique fantasy portrait of your child, set in an enchanting world.

This isn't merely a photograph, but a rich tapestry woven with imagination, magic, and love. Together, we'll craft a mesmerizing masterpiece that far surpasses expectations - a treasured heirloom that will delight generations.

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