What to Expect During Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session

Organizing a cake smash photography session to mark your child’s birthday is such an adorable way to capture this special moment in their lives! If this is your first child or parenting brain has blocked out what happens, this is all the information you need on what to expect during a cake smash session, how you should prepare, and a few of my best tips to make the most of this photo session.

cake smash photography

Research photographers–we all have different specialties and areas we work in. Be sure to choose a photographer that has worked with children before. A photographer that has experience with children will know how to get the best shots all while making your little one feel at ease.

cake smash photography

A little practice never hurts. For some children, a cake smash session can be quite overwhelming since they are suddenly placed in the spotlight and are being encouraged by adults to dive into a cake that is messy and massive to them. Get them used to this process by giving them a small cake or cupcake at home to practice on.

cake smash session with triplets

Use a theme! Having one will also make it easier to choose a cake color. If you and your child have a favorite toy or book, planning the cake smash session around this can really bring your session to life!

baby eating her smash cake

You know the color you want to use but remember to choose your cake carefully. When you order your cake, opt for a small to medium-sized cake and consider using whipped cream instead of fondant or buttercream as it is easier to “mess up” and isn’t as sweet. No one wants an upset tummy on their birthday!

baby boy with smash cake

So what should you bring along to a cake smash photography session?

  1. Have some wet wipes and a clean change of clothing available for afterwards. No one wants to be sticky heading home, you or your baby!
  2. If a cake needs to be refrigerated, make sure it’s room temperature before the session. This will make it easier for your child to eat and your photographer to capture those moments.
  3. Find out from your photographer about a backdrop and how much of the theme décor you’ll need to supply.
  4. If you’re bringing other children along, it would be best to bring someone along who can watch them so that there aren’t any distractions.
baby with donuts

A cake smash session is meant to be a fun experience, take a step back to enjoy watching your child. Trust your photographer to use their expertise to get pictures that will mark this milestone. I am always here to help you book and make the most of this session and a BIG happy first birthday to your little one!